Season 1 of Rescue Me began in July of 2004 on the FX Network.




Main castEdit

  • Denis Leary as Tommy Gavin (13 episodes)
  • Kenneth "Lou" Shea (13 episodes)
  • Franco Rivera (13)
  • Sean Garrity (13)
  • Mike Stilletti (13)
  • Chief Jerry Reilly (13)
  • Janet Gavin (12)
  • Jimmy Keefe (10)

Guest starsEdit

  • Colleen Gavin (11)
  • Michael Gavin (10)
  • Sheila Gavin (10)
  • Billy Warren (8)
  • Chief Perolli (7)
  • Connor Gavin (7)
  • Katy Gavin (7)
  • Roger Mills (7)
  • Uncle Teddy Gavin (6)
  • Johnny Gavin (5)
  • Laura Miles (5)
  • Damien Keefe (5)
  • Jeannie Reilly (5)
  • Bobby Vincent (5)
  • Keela Rivera (5)
  • Father Mickey Gavin (4)
  • Timo Gavin (3)

Special guest starsEdit

  • Tatum O'Neal as AA Chick (1)
    • Tatum O'Neal will go on to play Maggie Gavin, Tommy's sister, in the season two finale onwards.
  • Nils (1)


Picture Episode Episode Number Season Number Production Code Original Airdate
Guts Guts 1 1 July 21, 2004
Denis Leary stars as New York City firefighter Tommy Gavin, a soon-to-be-divorced alcoholic who's gripped by fear of his job. Gavin is haunted by the ghosts of comrades who died on Sept. 11, 2001.
Gay Gay 2 1 July 28, 2004
Tommy Gavin launches a campaign of dirty tricks against his wife's new boyfriend, and a retired fireman announces that he's gay in a newspaper article, sparking strong reactions at the firehouse.
Kansas Kansas 3 1 August 4, 2004
Chief Reilly faces the consequences of his altercation with an openly gay fireman; Tommy faces the repercussions of a prank.
DNA DNA 4 1 August 11, 2004
Tommy and the widow of his cousin Jimmy go on a “friendly” date, which becomes something more when she makes a move on him; and Franco's ex-girlfriend claims he's the father of her 5-year-old daughter.
Orphans Orphans 5 1 August 18, 2004
An experience with his father (Charles Durning) causes Tommy to address the state of his broken family, while Chief Reilly comes to terms with a secret in his family in order to save his job. Elsewhere, Franco deals with the aftermath of a freak accident.
Revenge Revenge 6 1 August 25, 2004
Tommy gets closer to his goal when he persuades Janet to leave Roger, but loses ground when she stumbles onto his latest romance.
Butterfly Butterfly 7 1 September 1, 2004
Tommy takes time off and builds a deck for his neighbor, who offers advice that prompts Tommy to attempt reconciliation with Janet (Andrea Roth).
Inches Inches 8 1 September 8, 2004
Tommy tries to deal with his father's odd actions and defends Colleen's behavior to Janet. Meanwhile, a wager is launched among the fire crew.
Alarm Alarm 9 1 September 15, 2004
Tommy finds out Janet is keeping a secret from him, and tracks down the man responsible for Billy's death. Meanwhile, the squad gets a female firefighter.
Immortal Immortal 10 1 September 22, 2004
Tommy struggles to help Janet financially, and has to turn to his Uncle Teddy for assistance. Meanwhile, the new female firefighter tries to fit in while the guys try to drive her out.
Mom Mom 11 1 September 29, 2004
Tommy tries to bring order to the chaos of his life, and pulls dangerous stunts on the job. Also, Lou tells his wife that he cheated on her.
Leaving Leaving 12 1 October 6, 2004
Janet needs money to cover house repairs and Tommy turns to Uncle Teddy for help. Also: Franco's father has a stroke, and Franco has trouble raising his daughter alone.
Sanctuary Sanctuary 13 1 October 13, 2004
Tommy's relationship with Sheila is discovered by the guys, who handle it in a traditional way. Elsewhere, Tommy tries to avoid getting pummeled by the cops, as the FDNY-NYPD hockey rematch looms.