Season 2 of Rescue Me began in June of 2005 on the FX Network.


In addition to the 13 episodes of the season, an web exclusive, 15 minute special was released entitled "Heroes" (also known as "Phobia").



Main castEdit

(the "+1" is in reference to the aforementioned online special)

  • Denis Leary as Tommy Gavin (13+1 episodes)
  • Kenneth “Lou” Shea (13+1)
  • Franco Rivera (13+1)
  • Sean Garrity (13+1)
  • Mike Silletti (13+1)
  • Chief Jerry Reilly (13+1)
  • Laura Miles (13)
  • Sheila Keefe (12)
  • Janet Gavin (10)
  • Jimmy Keefe (6)

Guest starsEdit

  • Johnny Gavin (11)
  • Colleen Gavin (11)
  • Katy Gavin (10)
  • Connor Gavin (10)
  • Uncle Teddy Gavin (10)
  • Michael Gavin (9)
  • Mickey Gavin (9)
  • Jeannie Reilly (8)
  • Jesus Christ (8)
  • Candy (6)
  • Chief Perolli (5)
  • Damien Keefe (4)
  • Keela Rivera (4)
  • Nils (3)
  • Maggie Gavin (2)
  • Bobby Vincent (2)

Special guest starsEdit

  • Cousin Eddie (1)
  • Billy Warren (1)


Picture Episode Episode Number Season Number Production Code Original Airdate
Voicemail Voicemail 1 1 June 21, 2005
Tommy has trouble adjusting to the mundane life at his new firehouse and takes out his frustrations on street vendors hawking Sept. 11 memorabilia. Later, he has a confrontation with Johnny. Meanwhile, Sean plays a crude joke on Laura that backfires on him.
Harmony Harmony 2 1 June 28, 2005
Tommy finds out his wife and kids are living in Ohio, so he joins his firehouse's barbershop quartet, who happen to be traveling there for a singing competition. Elsewhere, Mike flies off the handle after Theresa breaks up with him; and Lou tries to get Tommy transferred back to 62 Truck.
Balls Balls 3 1 July 5, 2005
Chief Perrolli agrees to let Tommy come back to the station on one condition: The crew must vote unanimously to trade Sully for Tommy. Elsewhere, things heat up between Franco and Laura; Theresa files a restraining order against Mike; and Tommy's dad remarries.
Twat "Twat" 4 1 July 12, 2005
Lou faces heat from headquarters for using a derogatory term to insult Laura. Meanwhile, the guys try to convince her that name-calling is part of the job. Meanwhile, Tommy injures his hand when he has another dispute with a cop over a parking ticket; and Johnny Sr. wants to become a plus-size model after he learns that Uncle Teddy is making a fortune.
Sensitivity Sensitivity 5 1 July 19, 2005
With Colleen's help, Tommy gets another chance to find the kids and bring them back to New York. Also, Jerry needs his son's assistance when his wife's condition gets worse; and a priest tells Tommy and Johnny that he is part of their family.
Reunion Reunion 6 1 July 26, 2005
Tommy gets closer to his goal when he persuades Janet to leave Roger, but loses ground when she stumbles onto his latest romance.
Shame Shame 7 1 August 2, 2005
Franco goes to support-group meetings to get help for his addiction to painkillers; Lou runs into Sondra and lies about his love life; Jerry meets his son's life partner (David Alan Basche); Tommy and Johnny meet their half sister (Noelle Beck); and Mickey has an uneasy feeling about Father Murphy (Christopher Durham).
Believe Believe 8 1 August 9, 2005
Jerry forces the crew to attend a birthday party that his son is throwing for his boyfriend. Meanwhile, Tommy makes a move on Mariel (Noelle Beck) after she tells him she might not be his half sister after all; Franco asks Laura to move in with him; Sheila tries to make Tommy jealous by showing off her new girlfriend.
Rebirth Rebirth 9 1 August 16, 2005
Tommy discovers that Janet is taking antidepressants, and he decides to take some for himself. Elsewhere, Sean tries to make things right between Franco and Laura, but he only makes things worse; and the crew questions Mike's sexual orientation after a gay guy stops by the station looking for him.
Brains Brains 10 1 August 23, 2005
Tommy, Mickey and Johnny confront Father Murphy about his suspicious relationship with Ricky. Also, Lou meets with Candy's pimp to tell him she's quitting; Jerry looks into hiring a nurse to care for his wife; and Laura pressures Franco to write another poem.
Bitch Bitch 11 1 August 30, 2005
When Tommy's hockey buddies kick him off the team because they think he's gone soft, he decides to lay off Janet's antidepressants to prove he's still tough. Meanwhile, Damien wants to become a firefighter, so Sheila tells Tommy to talk him out of it; and Franco gets jealous when he sees Laura with another guy.
Happy Happy 12 1 September 6, 2005
Tommy's sister (Tatum O'Neal) visits after a four-year absence — a curious coincidence considering their dad's announcement that he's about to inherit millions of dollars. Also: Mike worries he might have cancer when he finds a lump; and Tommy and Janet decide to renew their wedding vows, but their plans are derailed by tragedy.
Justice Justice 13 1 September 13, 2005
Family tragedy puts a strain on Tommy and Janet's recently mended relationship. In other events, Tommy finds out who's been spying on him at his AA meetings; Sean questions his belief in Heaven; Lou learns troubling news about Candy; and Jerry considers putting his wife in a health-care facility for Alzheimer's patients.